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Faculty of Traditional Belarusian Culture and Contemporary Art


17 Rabkorovskaya St.,  Minsk, 220001

Room. 712, 713

Tel. (+37517) 222 83 51

Dean – Shalupenka Natalia, PhD in Culturology, Associate Professor.

The Faculty of Belarusian Traditional Culture and Modern Art was founded in 2003 according to the restructuring plan of the Belarusian State University of Culture. The main purpose of the faculty is to encourage further dissemination of ethnic culture of the indigenous people of the country – the Belarusians.

There are five departments at the Faculty:

1 Dept of Folk Decorative and Applied Arts;

2 Dept of Theatre Art;

3 Dept of Direction of the Belarusian Ceremonies and Celebrations;

4 Dept of Ethnology and Folklore;

5 Dept of Choreography.

The faculty posesses a significant scientific and creative potential. Among the faculty stuff are Doctors of Science, Candidates of Science, Professors and Associate Professors. The faculty stuff supervises students’ art groups and research laboratories in the sphere of folk art.

The  Department of Direction of the Belarusian Ceremonies and Celebrations

17 Rabkorovskaya St.,

Room 719

Tel. (+37517) 222 83 60

The head of the department is Peter Adamovich Gud , PhD (History), Professor.

The  Department of Direction of Belarusian Ceremonies and Celebrations has been working since 1992. The Department trains students in two specializations: “direction of folk ceremonies and celebrations” and “direction of mass ceremonies and celebrations.”

Many well-known groups in Belarus have been formed at the department: the Spiritual Theatre “Angel” (director – Natalia Mitskiewich), the Theatre of the Belarusian folk games (director – Alex Kaminsky). Student groups participated in numerous festivals: International Film Festival “Listapad”, Belarusian Festival of National Cultures, International Festival “Slavic Bazaar”, Belarusian Folk Humor Holiday in Avtyuki, International Folk Music Festival “The sounds of dulcimer and accordion”, Folk Festival in Germany, Theatre Festival in France, Folk Festival in Spain, International Caravan Moscow-Copenhagen, Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, World Forum of Peace Forces in Minsk, International Festival of Belarusian Song in Poland and others.

The staff of the department have published many scientific papers on the problems of the Belarusian festive and ceremonial culture. The department graduates successfully work in various institutions of social and cultural sphere. Among them are AlesiaYarmolenko, soloist of the pop group “Syabry”; Dmitry Gorelik, head of Gomel regional puppet theater; Eugene Bliznyuk, artistic director of the First National TV Channel; Gennady Pleskatsevich, director of the International Children’s Film Festival “Listapadzik”. Many graduates of the department are employed in television, cinema, clubs and schools, producer centers, production companies and fireworks display in Belarus, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the Baltic States, the Ukraine, the UAE and the USA.

The  Department of Choreography

17 Rabkorovskaya St.,

Room 509

Tel. (+37517) 222 83 23

The head of the department – S.V. Gutkovskaya, PhD (Philology), Professor.

The department was established in 1977 and conducts training in choreography in specializations: “folk dance”, “ballroom dance”, “pop dance”. The ensemble of the department of choreography is directed by Svetlana V. Gutkovskaya.

Among the academic staff of the department are such well-known figures of the Belarusian culture as Doctor of Arts, professor Yu.M. Churko, People’s Artists of the Republic of Belarus U.U. Ivanov and I.A. Dushkevich, associate professors L.P. Ephremova, A.M. Shylkina, N.M. Lavruhina, V.V. Lysyankova, V.P. Belyaeva, N.U. Karchevskaya and others.

A distinctive feature of the department is an active creative life: participation of students in the prestigious international and national festivals and competitions (International festival of contemporary choreography, International Art Festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk, International Festival of Choreographic Art “Sozh round dance”, etc.).

The artistic groups at the department are: choreography ensemble (artistic director – S.V. Gutkovskaya), winner of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus, “Workshop of pop dance” (head – L.P. Yafremava). Students of ballroom branch are medal and prize-winners of the Sport Dance Championship of the Republic of Belarus. Some of them have established a reputation at the international arena.

The Department staff is known not only in Belarus, but also in Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, the Baltic States, the Ukraine and the USA.

The department is proud of its graduates who work both in our country and abroad: G. Chorny, choreographer of folk dance group “Krupitskiya musicians”; N. Dyagel, artistic director of the dance ensemble “Chabarok”; P. Svyardlov, honored culture worker of Belarus; A. Varlamav, director and an artistic director of the advertising model agency; S. Manzalevski, V.  Sarkisyanand  Yu. Trayan are famous ballet dancers of the Belarusian ballet, A. Bushchyk, repeated champion of Belarus; A. Feaktystava, V.  Stoliar, champion of Belarus; S. Chyzhyk, Belarusian sport dance champion, master of sport of the Republic of Belarus, semifinalist of the World Cup and Europe and others.

The department regularly organizes joint creative projects in the field of choreography: joint Belarus-US projects with New York University, the USA, American hip-hop and break-dance group “HaviKoro», well-known American choreographers N. Pulvermaher, M. Parks, Belarus-Seoul joint project “Korean folk dance”, etc..

The Department of Folk Decorative and Applied Arts

18a Moskovskaya St.,  Room 5, tel. 222 80 62

The head of  the department is Doctor of Arts, Professor Gregory F. Shaura.

The specialization “Folk Crafts” was set up at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts in 1990 and the department started its activity in 1993. It trains specialists in two specializations: “folk crafts” and “restoration of works of decorative and applied arts.” Students study not only in the classrooms, but also have academic and technological practice, take part in the expeditions to the towns of Mir, Nesvizh, Novogrudok, Braslav. Graduates and students of the department are the winners of many national and international competitions, members of the creative unions, participants in the national festivals and exhibitions abroad.

The main part of the academic staff are scholars and artists-practitioners Many of them are members of the Belarusian Union of Artists. The department has three PhD holders, one professor, six associate professorsand two Masters of arts.

Specialized studios in ceramics, weaving, tapestry, batik, straw, sculpture run by experienced artists are real training grounds for creative experiments. The students acquire great academic skills in drawing, painting and composition during the classes by famous artists and art historians. Over the period of its existence the department has turned into an educational, research and methodological center.

The  Department of Theatre Art

17 Rabkorovskaya St.,

room 713,

tel. (+375) 222 83 59

The head of the department is R.L. Buzuk, PhD (art history), associate professor.

The department was set up in 1975. It offers training in the following specializations: “theatrical art” and “literary work (drama).”

There are a lot of well-known graduates from the department, such as V. Grygalyunas, U. Buyko, I. Markova, famous stage directors, V. Nemets, I. Charapko, V.  Kozlov, G. Arynich-Anisenenko, V. Buslaeva, A. Marchenko, A. Dobrovolsky, R. Kroman, M. Panimatchanka, A. Salodkaya, actors, A. Karelin, N. Rudkovsky, A. Bogdan, playwright, M. Mazhar, film director, S. Kuhto, executive director of the National Television Channel “Belarus 2”.

Graduates of the department work in the professional theaters of Belarus as actors and directors in the Republican Theatre of Belarusian drama, the Belarusian State Youth Theatre, the Republican Youth Theatre, Brest Theatre of Drama and Music, Minsk regional drama theater, Grodno regional drama theatre. They are also heads of amateur theatre groups, creators of studio theaters and theater groups, members of the Belarusian TV companies, film studio “Belarusfilm”.

Many alumni, students and teachers of the department of  Theatre Art are members of the unions of writers and actors.

The majority of the Department staff are professors and associate professors with scientific degrees, moreover they are People’s and Honored artists, laureates of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus.

The Department of Ethnology and Folklore

18a Moscow St., room 3, tel. (+375) 222 80 62

The department was established on October 1, 2003. Its head is V.V. Kalatsey, PhD (culturoly), associate professor. The department trains students in the following specializations: “ethnology (authentic folk singing)” and “folk art (theoretic folklore).”

The following units were set up at the Department of Ethnology and Folklore: Centre for the study and preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of the Belarusians “Eternal under the auspices of the UNESCO Commission for the Conservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2004 and the Museum of the traditional culture of the Belarusians “Belarusian amulets” in 2005 (Its collection includes about 400 exhibits).

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