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Faculty of Musical Art


220001 Minsk, 18a Moskovskaya St., room 303

Tephone: 8(017) 222-82-13

Dean – Hramovich Iryna, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor.

The history of the Faculty of Musical Art dates back to the year of 1975, when Minsk Institute of Culture and the faculty of Cultural Work were established. Artistic specializations were part of this faculty. The year of 1986 became a decisive year for art specializations. They formed a separate faculty, which got the name of the Faculty of Amateur Musical and Choreographical Art.

Then, in 1993, it was renamed into the Faculty of Art, and since 2004 it continued under the name of the Faculty of Musical Art.

Nowadays the FMA trains specialists in 7 core specialties and 16 specializations. The faculty includes several departments:

˗      Brass Music,

˗      Variety Art,

˗      Folk and Instrumental music,

˗      Choral and Vocal Art,

˗      Folk Songs,

˗      Musical Theory and Musical Education.

They train highly-qualified experts in the following specializations:

˗      Folk music,

˗      Variety Art,

˗      Singing,

˗      Choral Conduction,

˗      Instrumental Performance.

Over 500 students study at the faculty.

The students are taught general subjects on culture and profession by the distinguished tutors and concurrently refine their skills as musicians, vocalists and variety performers.

Nowadays every department is a creative workshop, which trains highly-qualified art specialists known for their high level of both theoretical knowledge and performing skills. During their training, the students participate in various art groups as well as in the best amateur and professional choral, musical and choreographic groups of the country.

Many bands of the faculty are winners of international competitions and festivals. They are well known all over the country and abroad.

The Department of Belarusian Folk Art

220001, Minsk,

17 Rabkorovskaya St.,

room 828

Head of the Department – Prof. Stanislav Iosifovich Drobysh, distinguished cultural worker of the Republic of Belarus.

The Department was established in 1981. It is the leading department in training specialists in traditional and modern Belarusian culture on specialization “choral folk music” and “folk songs”. It prepares students in two specializations: “choral folk music” and “folk songs”.

“Folk Choral Music” alumni obtain qualifications of the folk choral band director and teacher. Graduates from “Folk Songs” specialization are assigned the qualification of singer, artist and teacher in singing. The department alumni have the possibility to continue their education at Master and Postgraduate courses.

Among the highly-skilled faculty members are: Honored Workers of Culture and Arts of the Republic of Belarus, professors, associate professors, senior lecturers.

The students implement their creative skills, in concert bands working in different stylistic directions: “Volochobniki” – traditional folk singing, dance and folk music, “Gramnitsy” – folk-fusion, “Belaruskaya Pesnia” – contemporary folk and bard songs.

The department is proud of its graduates who successfully work in the area of Belarusian national culture. Among them are well-known in the Republic directors and artists of the folk choirs and groups, winners of national and international competitions, Belarusian folk and modern song performers. They are honoured artists of the Republic of Belarus: Valentina Parkhomenko, Anna Redko, Nina Kovalyova, Inna Afanasieva, artists of the Tsitovich National Academic Folk Choir; soloists of the “Pesniary” band V. Daineko V. Misevich, “Syabry” band soloist M. Satsura; “Biaseda” and “Sviata” groups’ soloists. The country is proud of the bands under the direction of the department graduates: Valentina Gladkaya (“Nerush” ensemble), Alla Novitskaya (National vocal and dance ensemble “Zorachka”), and Ivan Kirchuk (ethno-trio «Troitsa»). The best graduates work at the department as teachers.

The Department of Choral and Vocal Art

220001, Minsk, 17 Rabkorovskaya St., room 807

The head of the Department – Prof. Albina Vasilievna Pyakutska, Honoured Worker in Education of the Republic of Belarus.

The Department of Choral and Vocal Art is one of the oldest departments of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. It was founded with the establishment of Minsk Institute of culture in 1975. The Department carries out professional training of qualified performers of choral bands in the following specialties: “folk arts” (specialization – “academic choral music”), “academic choral direction”. Future professionals receive fundamental training in musical theory. They study teaching methodology of special subjects and have creative and pedagogical practices. Academic choral music alumni obtain the qualifications of choir director, instructor, and choral singer.

The students obtain professional skills from the honoured figures of art, professors and lecturers,  prize winners of international festivals, honoured workers of culture and education.

The pride of the University are the following groups:

– “Mara” concert choir (led by Evgeniy Revtovich and Tatiana Gazhevskaya);

– “Dabravest” (chamber choir led by Albina Pekutska);

– male choir “Vivat” (led by Albina Pekutska);

– female choir “Krynitsy” (led by Alla Sviridovich);

– vocal band “Charaunitsy” (led by Evgeniy Revtovich).

The department is proud of its graduates, well-known in this country and abroad. They are Larisa Gustava, international church music festival prize-winner, Aleksander Litovka, award-winning member of folk male choir “Avtozavodets” at the Palace of culture, Vladimir Lipskiy, leader of the Radzimichy folk band, winner of the international competition, Vladimir Emelyanov, Canadian opera soloist (Toronto), and others.

The Department of Brass Music

220001, Minsk, 18a Rabkorovskaya St., room 510

Tel. (+37517) 2228061

The head of the department – Victor Mikhailovich Volotkovich.

The department was set up in 1979. The primary objective is professional training of the brass musicians in the following specialties: “Folk music”, (specialization “Brass Instrumental Music”), “Brass Instruments” (specialization “Brass Folk Instruments”).

The graduates in the specialization “Instrumental Brass Music” are granted the qualifications of “Brass Orchestra (band) director. Teacher”. The “Brass instruments” alumni obtain the qualifications of “Concert performer, musician of the Orchestra or chamber ensemble. Teacher”.

The department students are taught by the leading experts in music: the honored personality of the republic of Belarus A.Y. Krakow, prof. V.V. Bortnovsky, doctor of art studies, prof. G.S. Mishurov, candidate of art studies, prof. A.L. Karateev, associate professor I.A. Mangushev, associate professor V.A. Novikov, senior lecturers S.I. Sitnikova, M.M. Drozhzha, Y.S. Shimanets, M.S. Snitko, A.M. Sapega, I.V. Lazaretova.

The department has 8 bands:

– “Surmy”, winner of the orchestra competition at the International Festival of Brass Music (the Ukraine);
– Youth Concert Orchestra of wind and percussion instruments “Svetach” (art director Viktor Volotkovich) –  winner of the International Folk Music Festival “Zvianiat Tsimbaly i Garmonik” (Pastavy), winner of the diploma of the National Festival “Belaruskiya fanfary” (Baranovichi);
– “Gudy”, U.Grom Choir of Belarusian folk instruments, artistic director I. Mangushev
– Ensemble “Dudachka”, artistic director I. Mangushav;
– Flute Ensemble “Charounaya fleita”, artistic director S.I. Sitnikova;
– Saxophone Ensemble, artistic director Y.S. Shymanets;
– Percussion Ensemble “Barabanny Bit”, artistic director A.M. Sapega;
– Trumpet Ensemble “Accent” – Winner and the first degree prize-winner of the contemporary music festival “Blagovest – 2006”, artistic director V.A. Novikov;
– French Horn Ensemble, artistic director V.S.Kozlovski.

The Department of Variety Art

220001, 18 Moskovskaya St., room 501, telephone:  8 (017) 222-76-07

Head of the Department – Irina Arkadyevna Dorofeeva, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

The department was established in 1982. Professional training of specialists in the field of variety art is carried out in four areas: “Instrumental music”, “Singing”, “Computer Music”, “Variety Art / production”. “Instrumental Music” graduates obtain the qualification of an artist, director of jazz orchestra (ensemble), teacher; “Singing” graduates get the qualification of a singer, leader of a band of singers, teacher, “Computer Music” graduates receive the qualification of a computer music arranger, teacher; “Production” graduates – of a producer, teacher.

The department staff includes the leading masters of variety art: winner of international competitions and festivals,  associate professor U.P. Ugolnik (guitar), winner of the jazz festivals M.A. Fedorenko (trumpet), winner of the international competition of performers U.M. Felgin (saxophone), prize-winner of the international competition of performers A.Y. Storozhuk (drums), winner of the international and national competitions, soloist of the Belarusian State Philarmonic Society I.A. Darafeeva (vocals); winner of the international festivals, soloist of the Belarusian State Philarmonic Society “Camerata” vocal ensemble T.M.  Drobysheva, composers A.M. Eliseenkov, U.A. Sorokin.

Graduates of the department work in well-known bands: the Presidential Orchestra, the National Concert Orchestra of Belarus, The Model Orchestra of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, the Nemiga Brass Orchestra, The Belarusian State Circus Orchestra, The Orchestra of the Belarusian State Theatre, The Pesniary State Ensemble, groups “Palace”, “Kryvi”, “Liapis Trubetskoy”, “J-Morse,” “Troitsa,” “Belarusian Pesnjary”, “Crama”, etc. Among the graduates of the department are winners of various international and national competitions Irina Dorofeeva, Inna Afanasieva, Larissa Gribaleva, Natalia Tamelo, Tariel Maisuradze, Ruslan Musvidas, Olga Zmurshchyk, Daria Uryzchanka, Victoria Aleshko, Evgenia Letun, Vladimir Radivilov, Vesta Kameneva, and others.

The following bands have been set up at the department:

– Youth Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of assistant professor V.M. Valatkovich;

– “Arco” string quartet under the direction of senior lecturer T.U. Dyayko;

– Universum Vocal Band led by T.U. Drobysheva;

– jazz band “Zialenaya Plyn” under U.V. Belova;

– Percussion Ensemble under A.Y. Storozhuk;

– Saxophone Quintet “Chorus” under the direction of U.M. Felgina;

– instrumental ensemble “Bliki” under the direction of U.P. Ugolnik.

The Department of Folk Instrumental Music

220001, Minsk,

18a Moskovskaya St., room 405, telephone (+37517) 2228269

Head of the department – PhD, Associate Professor Olga Mazanik.

The department was set up in 1975. The professional training of Orchestra (Ensemble) managers, teachers of special subjects (accordion, button accordion, dulcimer, domra, balalaika, etc.) is carried out by secondary specialized educational institutions of culture and art and music schools. The academic staff consists of professors, associate professors and famous scientists.

The main activities are the collective forms of playing music.

There are the following groups at the department:

– “Tutti” Accordion Ensemble (director Lydia Suhovareva);

– Folklore group “troublemakers” (director Konstantin Trombitsky);

– Dulcimer Ensemble (director Elena Shulgovskaya);

– Folk Instruments Ensemble (director Lilia Volosyuk);

– Russian folk orchestra (director Sergei Avadok);

– Belarusian Folk Orchestra (director Victor Volotkovich, conductor Victoria Starikova).

Among the famous alumni of the department are Irina Malakhova, Doctor of Pedagogy, professor, head of the department of psychology and pedagogy, Alexander Kramko, soloist of I. Zhinovich National Orchestra, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus, Zoya Filonova, Svetlana Kopacz, Yevgeny Kruglik, members of the world-famous Krupitskiya musyki band, D. Karanchuk, prize-winner of the International Competition.

The Department of Music Theory and Education.

220,001 Minsk, 18a Moskovskaya St., room 522, phone number (+37517) 2227664

Head of the Department – Natalia Pavlovna Yakonyuk, Doctor of Arts, Professor.

The Department of Music Theory and Music Education was established as a part of the department of Music Theory and Piano, and in 1983 it obtained the status of a separate unit, under the direction of Doctor of Arts, Professor Alexander Ivanovich Smaghin. Since 2003, the department has had its present name.

A number of highly qualified specialists work at the Department: Professor, Doctor of Arts N.P. Yakonyuk, Assistant Professors, Ph.D. R.R. Kalenka, I.U. Uhova, N.M. Hodinskaya, N.I. Dozhyna. As a theoretical department of music faculty, the department of music theory and music education offers all music theory courses. These disciplines are important for the education of a creative individual: Ear Training, Harmony, Polyphony, Analysis of Musical Forms, Methods of Teaching Musical Disciplines, Professional Pedagogy, Information Culture of a Musician.

The academic staff of the department develop the topics relevant to the musical culture of the Republic, supervise Master and post-graduate students.

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